One lucky girl

I’m about to set off for a summer in Barcelona. My husband and I are incredibly lucky to have jobs with the summers off and we have decided to try an Air Bnb and take advantage of the wonderful culture, food and drink that Barcelona has to offer. This will be our 3rd trip to this beautiful, quaint Mediterranean city, but this time for an extended stay. I plan to blog about the trip to document my travels and share my experiences with my family and friends back home.

To get started, I’m attempting to learn the local language, Catalan. I took many many years of French and upon my few short Catalan lessons, have found the language to be closer to French than Spanish. In previous trips, I’ve relied on my husband’s survivalist Spanish but I hope to be able to make some basic conversation with the locals in our quiet neighborhood.

To get started, I wanted to share a few resources for what I have found to be effective in learning Catalan, or el Catala.

Podcasts are great and One Minute Catalan, is true to its name. In ten simple lessons, you can clearly understand pronunciation of basic phrases such as Parlo una mica el Catala. 

For a little more instruction, more along the lines of a college course, check out SpeakCat. The lessons are surprisingly helpful and if you are looking for a formal understanding of both speaking and reading the language, this is a fun way to learn. There’s also an app that can be installed with this. I don’t plan to use it while traveling but more in preparation to leave.

One thing my husband and I are both looking forward to is being a bit unplugged from technology. We don’t want to rely on our phones (not to mention the international charges) and make sure to take in as much as possible without the distractions of technology.

I cannot wait to go! My summer break has not started just yet and I have to get up in the morning for work so bona nit!


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