Welcome to the neighborhood

I posted exactly one month ago today about spending an extended period of time in Barcelona and here I am to tell you, we finally made it! My husband and I are living in an AirBnB in the neighborhood of Exiample (which I’ve learned is pronounced: eye-shamp-la). I have spent the last month trying to learn as much Catalan as possible and I hope to leave Barcelona being able to speak the language. I can understand quite a bit of it and the two phrases I’ve mastered are: Ho entenc, péro no se com respondre (I understand, but I don’t know how to respond) and Grácies per la teva paciéncia (Thank you for your patience).

Here are some photos of the neighborhood. It’s gorgeous! The architechure is stunning. In true tourist fashion I just walk around looking up at the ornate buildings. These photos were taken around the golden hour, which in Barcelona is about 8pm. The sun sets around 10pm.

Breakfast in the Concepcío Market (all photos must start with food). I love this market. It’s local, and while I failed miserably at ordering cheese in Catalan yesterday, the vendors were kind about the effort. I also brought my own bossa (bag) so I think that saved me a bit. Breakfast is cafe con leche (alcohol if you are a local; we’ll get there), eggs, chorizo and pan con tomate.


We live across from a flower market. It’s the only shop in town open 365 days a year, 24/7.


This is the view from our apartment. I shot it with a long lens but we have an amazing view of the Sagrada Familia right out of our living room window. I have a feeling I will stare at this often. I may take a picture each day to see if there is in fact any progress being made.

Blog iMG_00000

I went to mass in Catalan. As I sat down before mass yesterday, I could tell that there was going to be a wedding. There was a mix of stylishly dressed beautiful people.  A woman turned around to me and began speaking the fastest Catalan ever. I heard misses (masses). I could only respond Parlo una mica el catalá but she just kept talking. I appreciate that she thought I was a local. She got up and gestured for me to follow her to a back chapel where mass was held so we wouldn’t interfere with the wedding. I understood some of the mass based on muscle memory and I quickly turned on the data roaming before the mass started and asked google how to say peace (pau). The locals said 1000 more words with it but I’ll figure it out next week.


The next few pics are the neighborhood. From what I can tell they are apartments. The most intelligible thing I can say is “Geez!!!”

After all of that walking around, we headed back to our place and had open face tomato and fresh goat cheese sandwiches, a side of jamon and a bottle of wine all from our market across the street. Our time in Barcelona is going to be maravellós! 



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  1. B. J. Chaudet says:

    You gave me a glimpse of why everyone wants to go back to Barcelona. I am so happy you two have an extended stay there to really absorb the sights, food and culture.


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