Quick thought: Gazpacho is the fountain of youth

My husband and I discovered gazpacho on our first trip to Barcelona a few years back. We were eating breakfast at the counter of our favorite local market. People were bellying up to it and grabbing a beer, a scotch, a bottle of red wine, the typical breakfast beverages of choice for the locals. Then someone walks up, drops a hand on the counter and a glass of thick orange liquid slides down the counter. The cowboy patron slams it down, returns the glass and walks off. What did we just witness and yes, we will have two. Turns out it was a special homemade gazpacho and as far as I’m concerned this is the fountain of youth of the Spanish. Forget the green juices, coconut waters and whatever else Americans are drinking to get their daily vitamin fix. Gazpacho is where it’s at.

I have not seen another gazpacho like this in Barcelona. Most places offer it as a soup that is much thinner and usually vegetables are floating around in it. I have searched plenty of online recipes attempting to replicate it but it’s the quality of the tomatoes in Spain that are unmatched in the rest of the world that are the secret ingredient. One glass of this takes an immediate effect on the body. Whether it is placebo or not, I instantly feel like I’ve emerged out of 100 years of sleep ready to take on the day. I plan to drink this everyday.

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  1. NOJuju says:

    What would you guess it consists of, other than the magical Spanish tomatoes?


    1. cmaloney says:

      I bet you could do it with creole tomatoes. It has onion, cucumber, carrots and some olive oil and I’m not sure if there is much else. It’s started on a stove top and then emulsified and chilled.


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