Back in Barca

I am currently spending the summer in Barcelona. This is our fourth trip to the city but we are not just your typical tourists on a week long trip. For the last two summers, we have taken up residence in the L’Eixample neighborhood attempting to assimilate amongst the locals, adopting their lifestyle of eating, drinking and cooking. We are even staying in the same AirBnB as last time and when we arrived, it was like we had never left. Last year I blogged a lot of the experience and while we are winding down on the last 10 days or so of this journey, it’s time to catch up a bit.

For my own selfish purposes, I am really happy that I wrote this blog because I had forgotten some things and it an excellent resource for remembering how to get a seat at the bar at La Pubilla (patting self on the back). Also, when I do travel research I am not interested in the Rick Steves or subscription-based posts (no Blue Apron mentions here), but the candid accounts of travelers who have stumbled upon something unique.

The amazing thing about Barcelona is that we continue to uncover new and exciting places to go and in a few days we will make that Figueres trip that we failed to put together last year. The upcoming posts will recount some of these new places and I can’t wait to share our finds. And of course, being able to walk to this never gets old.




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