Menú del dia per a dues

My last post was about a menu del dia in our neighborhood and my main observation was the portion size considering how inexpensive it was. I decided to do a bit more research and I’ve learned that not only is this one of Barcelona’s best kept secrets but it’s also intended to be the biggest…

The menu del dia

Before traveling to Barcelona I did some extensive research on lunch ideas. As we’ve been roaming through the neighborhoods there are many outdoor cafes always filled with people eating, drinking and talking. I’m also very aware that no one has a phone on the table and are engaged in what appears to be intense conversation. Not…

Quick thought: Gazpacho is the fountain of youth

My husband and I discovered gazpacho on our first trip to Barcelona a few years back. We were eating breakfast at the counter of our favorite local market. People were bellying up to it and grabbing a beer, a scotch, a bottle of red wine, the typical breakfast beverages of choice for the locals. Then someone walks up, drops…

Welcome to the neighborhood

Getting to know life in the neighborhood of L’Eixample. (Arribar a conèixer la vida al barri de l’Eixample.)

One lucky girl

I’m about to set off for a summer in Barcelona. (continue reading)